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Create Beauty with Web3 - Justin Delaney - Party Horses

Episode Notes

Justin began his career as a travel writer, primarily covering Asia for AOL. During business school, Justin founded Menguin, a digitally native mens clothing rental business. After receiving investment from well-known entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and Scott Dorsey, Menguin sold for $25m to menswear icon and founder of Mens Wearhouse, George Zimmer.

From 2019 to 2021, Justin was CEO of Buff City Soap, a 200+ store retailer based in Dallas, TX. Buff makes paraben-free and sulfate-free vegetable-based soap products, such as laundry soap, bath bombs, soap bars, and body butters. While CEO, Justin grew the value of Buff City Soap by 40x into a nine figure transaction with General Atlantic and subsequently exited the business. Since then, Justin has funded and participated in a number of businesses, from an NFT project called Party Horses to purchasing an Austin-based boot company called Helm Boots.

Today, Justin is focusing on family, investing, and visiting every country in the world.

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