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[GritDaily House SXSW] Karim with Linqto: Adam Anderson - Ansuz Capital

Episode Summary

After 23 years in cybersecurity, Adam Anderson and the partners at Ansuz Capital can see we're losing the cybercrime arms race. We believe innovation in cybersecurity is our only hope and entrepreneurship is the engine that powers innovation. Ansuz Capital’s Cybersecurity Fund was created by cybersecurity entrepreneurs for cybersecurity entrepreneurs. We invest in early stage cybersecurity companies focused on addressing security concerns in the human, crypto, space and defense industries. We use our expert position and partners' capital to accelerate the success of the best and brightest cybersecurity founders in the industry. Adam Anderson, Managing General Partner: Adam has an extensive track record of working with Cybersecurity startups and getting them investment-ready. Adam’s role in the fund is Sourcing, Networking, and Brand-Building through attending events and conferences, and publishing content online. By speaking with others in the industry, such as lawyers, bankers, and centers of influence inside the cybersecurity community specific to startups, he will develop the relationships necessary to create meaningful change in the industry. Adam will also manage the internal team to make sure all roles have the support they need for execution. More info: