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[GritDaily House SXSW] Karim with Linqto: Andrew Rossow - AR Media Consult

Episode Summary

Andrew Rossow is a licensed attorney, law professor, anti-bullying activist, and on-air tech analyst with Ticker News and BBC World News. He is the CEO of AR Media Consulting and co-founder of The Guardian Project alongside TV actor Mark Pellegrino. AR Media Consulting is a global media agency with offices in Texas, Florida, and Ohio. We are not today's traditional media agency because we are not here to play the game of censoring you and your business. Through honesty, integrity, and ethics, we afford clients to be truthfully seen and heard in their markets. We aren’t here to fill in gaps; we are here to rewrite the rules of traditional media. It is our mission to empower our clients by unteaching the myth that you can only be seen and heard if you are a “household name,” and instilling ethics and integrity in the form of full service media advisory. More info: ,